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7 Biggest Surprises by Out of Towners Relocating to Seattle

    1. House quality from home to home can be very different. It’s fairly common to see nicer 1M+ homes next to dumpier, run-down homes. With the exception of a few neighborhoods this is more the norm than the exception.
    2. Basement square feet is counted in with actual square feet. If you’re looking in Seattle, prepare for the basement ceiling height to feel relatively claustrophobic. Most “out of towners” are shocked when they see this.

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Excise Tax (aka Transfer Tax) – Who Pays it in Washington State?

“Excise tax” also referred to as “transfer tax” are taxes imposed by states, counties and municipalities on the transfer of ownership of real estate property. In many states buyers pay excise tax. This is not true for the state of Washington. In Washington sellers pay excise tax, not buyers. Excise tax amounts to 1.78% of the sales price in a real estate transaction.

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Shopping Over Your Budget

A common decision home buyers often have to make when home shopping is “should I go over my budget?” With such low inventory on the market right now this question is coming up more than ever. My best advice is that if you’re going to overspend try and do it for location and not house. This will ensure you’re keeping your purchase investment worthy. If you’d like a list of the highest demand locations in the Greater Seattle area call me at 425 518 1176.

Real Estate Closing Process in WA State and What to Watch Out For

What happens on the day of closing in WA state? If you’re from an Attorney State like NY or MA, you’re closing happens with the buyer and seller in one room with their attorneys. At the settlement appointment the buyer and seller may sit in the same room, paperwork is signed, keys are handed over and you shake hands. You’ve already walked through the home with a fine tooth comb and made sure the home is still in good condition.

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Why the time gap in between blog posts?

Thanks to my wonderful clients and their referrals we were recognized in the top 1% at Coldwell Banker Danforth in sales volume, also earning the President's award. In 2013 we had our best year yet and I achieved the #1 agent in sales volume at Coldwell Banker Danforth. Most meaningful, we were recognized by Seattle Magazine as a 5-Star Realtor rated "Best in Client Satisfaction" for the 3rd and 4th season in a row, rated by our past clients. All this meant we were working hard for our clients each day and unfortunately the blog posts suffered.

Thank you for your grace in the time gap between blog posts as I was working hard to achieve these goals. I promise to keep the blogs coming on a monthly basis.