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Buyers Going it Solo?

I am shocked by how many buyers go unrepresented by real estate agents even though buyers’ real estate agents come free of charge. There are two reasons why buyers do not get representation. The first reason is they generally haven’t heard the good news that it’s free. The second reason is that buyers think they’ll get a better deal if they are not represented by a real estate agent.

First, let’s clarify how buyers’ agents get paid for those who don’t know; buyers’ agents are paid by the seller. Here’s how it works. The seller and the seller’s agent have a listing contract where a pre-set commission amount is established for both agents. The full amount of the commission, which on average is 6%, goes to the listing agent’s broker and then the listing agent’s broker splits the commission with the buyer agent’s broker. On average, each agent’s broker receives 3%. Both agents then receive a portion of their broker’s commission based on a separate contract they have with their broker. For buyers this commission structure is great! You don’t have to pay a buyer’s agent; they are paid by the seller. On the down side, when it’s your turn to sell you’ll likely pay two commissions, or roughly 6%.

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Fun Facts on Homeowner’s Insurance

Did you know that brick houses cost three times the amount of money to insure than non-brick homes? Apparently in the case of an earthquake they’re the first to go. Although we never actually see them fall down in an earthquake, the insurance companies sure love to use this as a reason to charge you more.

I’ll bet you didn’t know that you can get a homeowner’s insurance policy that protects you in case of a condo assessment. To be specific, the coverage is only effective if the assessment was passed to you due to a natural event like flooding or wind storm damage.

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