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Scheduling Movers

Often times closings occur later than stipulated in contracts and changing your moving date can be very expensive. Some moving companies charge up to $5000 to change the moving date and other movers won’t have another opening in their schedule until a few weeks out. Late closings can occur because the lender closed late or for a number of other reasons. If at all possible try and schedule your movers about 4-7 days away from your closing date, the longer padding you leave yourself the better. It will reduce a great amount of stress if you can allow yourself a week amount of time between closing and the date of the movers.

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Which neighborhood is right for you?

Moving to a new state is stressful. Getting to know your new environment before you move is a good idea but it can be a challenge starting from scratch with zero knowledge base.

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7 Biggest Surprises by Out of Towners Relocating to Seattle

    1. House quality from home to home can be very different. It’s fairly common to see nicer 1M+ homes next to dumpier, run-down homes. With the exception of a few neighborhoods this is more the norm than the exception.
    2. Basement square feet is counted in with actual square feet. If you’re looking in Seattle, prepare for the basement ceiling height to feel relatively claustrophobic. Most “out of towners” are shocked when they see this.

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Insight Into Seattle Weather

Relocators will be happy to hear some insider insights into Seattle’s weather that defy its gloomy reputation. For starters, it doesn’t actually rain as much as you think. New York City gets more rainfall than Seattle. Think misty rain, the kind that wouldn’t keep you from going for a jog or walking your dog. The kind you don’t need an umbrella for (hint to avoid looking like a tourist – nobody from Seattle carries an umbrella). You’ll soon find out you can still do almost anything in this mild type weather. It stays in the mid 40’s for most of the winter. Cyclists still cycle, kids still walk to school. You can still play sports, and not get soaking wet on your way to the bus. I hear Chicago hibernates in the winter. And as a New Jersey native I can tell you the weeks of hibernation due to snow can really get old as does the 100+ degree humid weather. Seattle is an active city all year round. Typical weather is gray skies and mist until about 4-5pm, then the clouds burn off just in time for the ending work day. Not so bad, right? And in case you haven’t heard, July, August and September are absolute heaven. Low to zero humidity and sunny 70s and 80s. But the best news of all is that even on the cloudy or rainy days, the Pacific Northwest is always beautiful.

Excise Tax (aka Transfer Tax) – Who Pays it in Washington State?

“Excise tax” also referred to as “transfer tax” are taxes imposed by states, counties and municipalities on the transfer of ownership of real estate property. In many states buyers pay excise tax. This is not true for the state of Washington. In Washington sellers pay excise tax, not buyers. Excise tax amounts to 1.78% of the sales price in a real estate transaction.

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