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Scheduling Movers

Often times closings occur later than stipulated in contracts and changing your moving date can be very expensive. Some moving companies charge up to $5000 to change the moving date and other movers won’t have another opening in their schedule until a few weeks out. Late closings can occur because the lender closed late or for a number of other reasons. If at all possible try and schedule your movers about 4-7 days away from your closing date, the longer padding you leave yourself the better. It will reduce a great amount of stress if you can allow yourself a week amount of time between closing and the date of the movers.

Another good reason to leave yourself some time in between is in the scenario where a seller doesn’t perform to the contract and you need to withhold closing signatures to enforce their carrying out the contract. The best example is when the seller agrees to perform inspection repairs during inspection negotiations. For about $100 the home inspector will return to re-inspect the repairs the seller agreed to. If the inspector still sees a problem then the seller must complete the repair to the inspector’s satisfaction.

In summary leave yourself time between closing and your moving date. You’ll be best positioned to ensure the seller performs to the contract and to deal with late closings in general.