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Which neighborhood is right for you?

Moving to a new state is stressful. Getting to know your new environment before you move is a good idea but it can be a challenge starting from scratch with zero knowledge base.

Couple of tips. First try not to be so impressionable on one person’s opinion. Most Seattlites are quite proud of where they live and will avidly attempt to get you to move to their own neighborhood. The neighborhood pride is not a bad thing. However it doesn’t give a total picture of what’s out there. There are in fact many great neighborhoods to choose from. Also what might be good for one person might not be good for the next. Fremont is a fun, artistic town with lots to do but if you’re looking for a home with elbow room this might not be for you. Laurelhurst is a fantastic, very desirable community but if you’re looking for a high walk score this neighborhood might not work you. It is best to get as many opinions as possible and double check with your realtor (ahem, that’s me) on neighborhoods that could work for you.

You should also read local news articles or any local blogs to understand the vibe and learn what’s going in each town. Below are some great weblinks for doing neighborhood research.