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How Seattle Neighborhoods Have Weathered the Real Estate Storm


If you live in Seattle, you might be wondering how hard your particular neighborhood was affected by the market crash.

Below are the percentages in price drop by neighborhood from July 2007-July 2011. Thank you to Zillow for providing the average home prices per neighborbood in July’07 and July ’11 so we could reach these statistics.

Belltown took the worst hit at 27% decrease in value. North Beach, Broadview and D’town fared the best only taking a 20% value hit. Compare these figures to the national average which is approximately 28% decrease in home value according to CNN Money.

If you don’t see your neighborhood on here, send me a note and I’ll gladly send your neighborhood’s statistic.

Wedgewood = 22%
Ballard = 26%
Montlake = 20%
UDistrict = 23%
Phinney Ridge = 22%
Mt. Baker = 26%
Queen Anne = 23%
Maple Leaf = 23%
Windermere = 23%
Sunset Hill = 23%
Windermere = 23%
Sunset Hill = 23%
North Beach = 18%
Broadview = 20%
D’town Seattle = 20%
Belltown = 27%
Capitol Hill = 23%