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Carrie is the most-determined, hardest-working broker I have ever encountered. And trust me when I say I am very picky. Having been a lawyer at both a firm and in-house, I developed a pretty good radar for detecting consultants, including brokers and investment bankers, who are more dedicated to getting a deal done than to representing their client’s best interests. And with the advent of internet real estate sites, if you are willing to take the time and do your own research, it’s also now possible to ferret out brokers who either don’t do their homework or are weak at the analytics. So, it should be no surprise that I went through several brokers till I found Carrie. We first met when she was representing a seller of a property. Carrie proved to be a smart streetfighter who could develop her own analytics to back up our position. My wife liked that Carrie was skilled at quickly identifying her preferences. She also enjoyed viewing properties with Carrie since I was useless in the interior design arena. So, if you want someone who is talented, loyal, willing to answer all your 11 p.m. emails that same night, and beat you at 1-on-1, Carrie is for you.
Glen Kohl (VP for himself and his wife, Julie Kohl (Pediatrician, Mohelet)
As professional Home Inspectors, we work with hundreds of Realtors a year. Carrie is by far the most knowledgeable and passionate Realtor we have worked with and importantly she doesn't disappear after the sale. She is your Realtor for life and keeps you informed on how the economy affects your Real Estate investments and your future. I cannot speak highly enough about her.
JJ and Suzanne Greive - Home Inspectors
We think Carrie did an excellent job and we continue to recommend her to our friends in Washington. She is very passionate about real estate and she knows what she is doing.
Michael and Jessica Boulware - Former Seattle Seahawk
Carrie's attention to detail and excellent communication made this process a breeze. She kept every promise and always let us know what was happening. A true professional.
Brad and Suwalee Moore - Attorney
Carrie Pierce is hands-down the most knowledgeable, responsive, helpful, and professional of them all! Her attention to detail, her follow through, her creative approach to problem solving, her negotiating skills, her persistence, and her "go ahead" attitude make her an absolute delight to work with. I can't wait for another opportunity to work with her again!
Jeff and Deborah Weissman - Teacher - Oakland, CA
Carrie has an amazing ability to find just what you are looking for, at just the right price and stays strong to the end for the best experience possible. I recommend her to everybody I talk to, family, friends, and others without reservation
Tekla Eiler - Accountant - Seattle, WA
All details of the purchase were explained clearly and concisely from the beginning to end. Carrie made herself available to answer questions at all times of the day and made us feel comfortable doing so. The entire process went smoothly because of Carrie's work ethic and knowledge of the industry.
Matt Coleman - IT Professional
Carrie Pierce is knowledgeable about all things real estate and takes her profession seriously. She's very organized, detail oriented and does everything within her power to find exactly the type of property you are after. Carrie is awesome to work with! She goes out of her way to make the buying process as simple and straight-forward as possible.
Annie A. - Marysville, WA
Very Helpful and and good to work with.
Chuck C.
Carrie jumped right in from the very beginning. Casey met her on Friday, we looked at the condo Saturday and made an offer on Sunday. She educated us on the pros/cons and made us feel very comfortable.
Melanie S. & Casey A.
Carrie is hard working, level-headed, optimistic, professional and provided extra relevant information without my even having to ask.
Jeff & Deborah W.
Carrie has been such a dependable, proactive agent during the Biscayne project. I love her support and enthusiasm. I look forward to future projects with her.
Joneil Custodio
Carrie is friendly, informative and sincere. What I liked best about her was her willingness to do anything to help.
Melanie Smith
Carrie Pierce - Your Personal Real Estate Agent


Carrie achieved the status of
Coldwell Banker Danforth’s #1 Broker in 2013, 2014 & 2015 for Gross Sales Volume. She also earned the honor to be the #1 Coldwell Banker broker in our 5 state region, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska and Utah and qualified for Coldwell Banker’s International President’s Premier for 2014 to which only 1% of all associates internationally qualified for this award. The award she is most proud of achieving is receiving Seattle Magazine’s “Best in Client Satisfaction” award for 7 years running. Providing exceptional service and care to her clients continue to be her top priority and focus.